FANJET AVIATION is a team of experienced pilots and aviation technicians. The team is complemented by test pilots, R&D specialists and others.

Andreas Sattler

Managing director, Pilot

Andreas Sattler is a graduate industrial engineer, founder and shareholder of FANJET AVIATION GmbH. He has been a pilot since 1982.

Aside from his activities at Fanjet Aviation GmbH, his focus is on consulting technology companies regarding succession, M&A and corporate strategy. His roots are in the aerospace industry. He has accompanied a multitude of aviation projects.

  • EASA CPL/IFR incl. FI, CRE incl. Fanjet
Flight experience
  • Corporate flight operation
  • Demonstration flying
  • Flight instruction

Johannes Kröll

Head of Marketing & Sales, Pilot

Johannes Kröll holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Business Administration with a focus on value creation and digitalization.

His activities focus on consulting medium-sized trading and technology companies in the field of digitalization. He has accompanied a large number of projects and has been a pilot since 2008. In addition to his flying activities, he holds various authorizations for the maintenance of SEP aircraft.

Johannes Kröll Fanjet

Andreas Steinmetz

Senior Advisor

Andreas Steinmetz is a certified aeronautical engineer and Senior Advisor at FANJET AVIATION GmbH.

He was an aviation officer in the German Air Force in various assignments and locations. Most recently, Steinmetz was Chairman of the Air Force Staff Council.

His current work focuses on publishing management (defense industry) as director of strategy and marketing. His military roots are in the maintenance of Luftwaffe aircraft such as the Tornado and has been able to support many other types since 1989.

Technical experience
  • Airbus A400M
  • Panavia Aircraft Tornado
  • Eurocopter military Helicopter
  • Sikorsky CH53

Prof. Dr. Volker Kassera

Pilot & Senior Advisor

Volker Kassera is a graduate engineer in aerospace engineering and a member of the advisory board of FANJET AVIATION GmbH.

His main activities are within CFD Consultants GmbH, which was founded by Kassera in 1998. He has been a lecturer in computational fluid dynamics since 2005 and an honorary professor at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern since 2021.

Kassera’s professional areas of expertise in aviation include flight physics with a focus on aerodynamics, aeronautical certification.

  • EASA PPL/IFR incl. CRI
Flight experience
  • Private flights
  • Demonstration flights
  • Training and instruction flights

Hanno Fischer

Honorary Chairman Advisory Board FANJET AVIATION GmbH

Hanno Fischer is the honorary chairman of the advisory board of FANJET AVIATION GmbH. He has a long and successful career in aviation and is also known as the designer of the Fanjet (see also Wikipedia).

Hanno Fischer is an enthusiastic aviator, but also an experienced designer. He has developed a large number of aircraft designs, systems such as propulsion units and components such as the “Turk’s Saber” and has been awarded numerous prestigious prizes for his work.

With his work and involvement, he has made a significant contribution to bringing aviation to its current level. Fischer has left his mark on the history of aviation in a special way.

Michael Vehoff


Michael Vehoff is a corporate pilot with military experience on supersonic jets.
For 21 years he worked as a pilot on Tornado IDS and ECR aircraft as well as in various NATO functions.
In corporate aviation, he has held various positions as Compliance Manager (Flight Operations, CAMO, Part 145 Maintenance), Safety Manager, as a consultant and IS-BAO auditor.


Flight experience

Military flights on various supersonic jets operated by NATO.
Corporate experience on various two and three-engine jets.


Martin Hinterwaldner


Martin Hinterwaldner is a test pilot and corporate pilot. He has graduated from the Universität der Bundeswehr as Diplom Ingenieur in Aeronautical Engineering.

For 20 years he worked as an officer in the German Air Force and German Aerospace Center. Afterwards he founded several commercial air transport companies in Germany and Austria. After 10 years flying in his companies his focus of work returned to flight test flying and instructing.

  • EASA ATPL incl. FTI
Flight Experience
  • Military and Civilian Flight Test, Research Flights with onboard sensors, Remote sensing at low, medium and high altitudes.
  • Chase & Target flying.
  • Expedition flying with ski and gravel operation including hot and extreme cold weather operations (desert, jungle, polar)
    Seaplane Flight Test.
  • Corporate/air taxi/Commercial Air Transport